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Suni Johnson

" Still just hanging out here in S CA, Thinking each day how my Daughter Debi is doing she has been ill with Migraines lately sure hope she is doing much better.. The Cold hit here in the Hi Desert at 23 in mornings gas bill was truly up there but surrvived A ok. Hope everyone is doing fine.. Not on here as much but do think of each of you everyday..Live Love an Please Laugh every day.."

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Today 26 March 2017

March 26th, 2017 11:51 am EDT

Just a quick check in to see how eveyone one is doing..  So Proud of daughter Tammie Huber she is recovering wonderful from her tripple by pass surgery.  She is a tropper.. I was up there in WA for her surgery and then some of her first few days of recovery and the coming home.  started slow but going strong.  Spoke with her and she sounds good.  I hope she also reads this because I want her to know how much I love her and so proud of her outcome.  

Next thing on the list is to head out to State Line NV to watch the other Daughter Debi Johnson at the Super Moto Cross event there 31 March thru 2 April 2017.  Have started with peaking then thru the cell phone of peaking over to full blown watching her.   She is amazing.  Her number is 764 stand for Super Moto Granny.. ha ha .. so if any of ya want to watch go and see for yourselves..pretty dang good..

Ok enough of this got to go for now and still remember to live love and laugh each day...As a lil ole Mom I love all of you.  Hugs to everyone

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Just a Quick Howdy to everyone

September 30th, 2016 10:53 am EDT

Have problems getting on here and sometime not being able to close out...but I am Old..ha ha

Been a bear trying to turn that Samsung galaxy note 7 back in...but finnally got it completed yesterday.. took forever.. and for sure wore me out.. but still have calls to make to finish and complete a lil more.

had transmission problems now okay

seems like for the last severl months has been a Great Big Bear to get thru and I hope the rest of the year slows down an lets me enjoy more days to smile because it sure puts a great big damper on life..

Okay enough of the stuff.. Want to tell everyone to have a wonderful weekend

Happiness and Peace out.. hugs to all

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Untitled Post

October 5th, 2015 9:35 am EDT

Do not know what I did when I tried to post on profile, something re: syntex (Ithink) so it looks crazy..Sorry bout that Dan will try another time ... But will add here to all..wishing you the best an Proud of everyone. Bye for now.

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Untitled Post

September 26th, 2015 11:03 am EDT

Been awhile not being on here but have had a tiny health problem..Going to Washington in the rain and getting home with Pneomonia then it getting worse.. But got that taken care of.. Now just running around with my Gdaughter.. She keeps me really on my toes.  That is good tho.  

Ok wishin everyone on here a early Happy Holloween..  just incase I do not get back on here..   Been trying to move furniture around to make it look like there is much more room.. ha ha .

bye for a time.. hugs to all


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Untitled Post

May 11th, 2013 1:45 pm EDT

Well let's see this is the weekend of Mothers Day.. Wanting to wish all of you a great weekend to all the Mother's .  Mine has started off with Washing an such so I can enjoy tomorrow.. got a nice gift today to head over to Apple Valley for a nice mani/pedi.. hip hip horay.. Told them will wait for I just cut off all my nails..dang

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Untitled Post

August 15th, 2011 7:25 am EDT

This weekend was a hard one.  Had to go to a 18 year olds memorial service.  He committed sucide.  Yes, an in a very terible way.  Seems no one cared for him while alive but so many morned his passing.  I was in shock had my fb page on an saw his mom, so ofcourse sent a quick chat.  no anser so went to complete my washer/dryer (now this was midnight) came back to computer at about 12:30 an ther it was (My son commited sucide) ofcourse I wrote Immed. what when how call me I am up an home.  But no answer.  Took couple of days for me to reach someone on fb only cause I lost my voice completly.  Just never sunk in that a young kid who seemed to enjoy life (I thought) could do such a thing.  But have come to realize he had been sorta planning this.  Told persons if he died wanted to be cremated and not to separrate his ashes (parents divorced). He did not go peacefully either it was a terible death.  I think I huged his brother so tightly that he probably thought what is wron with her.  But I did tell him at 1st I thought it was him an did not comprehend right away..he really gave me a good hug then... The service was not what I exxpected thought there would be more love instead of a sermon using his name for people to join there church...So I just sat there an look around at people an remembered this kid growing up an some of his confusion of life.  I myself loved you Ian be a peace now an enjoy your eternal life.. 

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Untitled Post

December 22nd, 2008 6:09 pm EST

Just sitting here thinking of my girls Debi & Tami hoping they are staying warm up there in the snow in WA.
And hoping Tami slows on down driving out there in that snow just because the others are not going fast hope she relaxes for she will get there just a quick an then also safely. I love them so much that now I am worring again till this weather clears up.
Ofcourse I am sure they both will think of something else to keep me going.

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September 29th, 2008 12:46 pm EDT

I am starting to wake up a lil from the cross country drive, with my niece.  she thought we were just heading to Ohio for Debi an Tami committment but lil did she know how devious I really am.  I kept the secret (as long as I could tell people along the way the truth) but when we pulled into OK I had to tell her we were not going to Ohio we are heading to GRACELAND, an her reaction was something else.  It was so much fun seeing her so dang happy an carried away with her lil camera.  Then we got on the road to Ohio.  We arrived at Debi an Tami's in time to transfer cars an onto a dinner with many of their friends of crossport.  Had a enjoyable time met with some remarkable people. Now for the most remarkable day the day of the committment, WOW, now I have been to weddings an others but never to one that was so moving, emotional, an honest in each an every word.  YES, I cried but it was the happy type of crying.  (So if you see the pic's yep that is me in the background with the tissues.) I also had to be held together an I thank you Sean (hope I got that right) You two sure made a wonderful day the greatest.. huggs an kisses The two fo them were so beautiful an honest to each other an all who listened, as I did.  Loved the part even when Tami threw her hat. I think she wanted us all to relax with a laugh.  I love you two so dang much you will never know. Now, this morning I got to talk with Deb as they were in IN on there way to there new home in WA.  I just have to check in each day to make sure all is A OK with them on there long road trip. Yep I am there MOM so I do have that right...!!Right? Thanks

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A note of my feelings

March 3rd, 2008 4:50 am EST

Well here I go again I am the Proudest Mom ever My two girls are having a commencement ceramony this month an I get to be there to see it. Have been juggling monies around (or should say bills) so I can drive on to Ohio an then say goodbye to that state an see both my girls in Washington.  Beleive it or not the drive to WA will be so much closer to visit.  In my heart an soul each day I become so proud an excited to hear from my daughter an see how she has grown an become more independent each day, not saying she has more to go.. (don't want a big head on her) but if any of you could have seen or known her before she thought she was strong but kept so much inside.  She now it seems to talk it out with Tami an they come to respect each otheres opinions an the answers are I beleive clearer for them both.  This move I pray each day that will be the best for Tami, she has wanted to leave OH for she was soo excited when she was here in CA.  Ofcourse, Debi's daughter wants them to come an stay in CA but has decided that WA is A ok for she says her husband will go there an it is closer for them an he's a big fan of the teams.  I got to speek w/my nephew re: Debi an he is so happy for both of them, in so many ways it is neat to say I may have lost a son BUT I have gained the GREATEST daughter in fact, I gained (2) two great daughters.  So to all, do not stay in that shell of yours be proud each an every day of who you are because you will be suprised on how much more you will gain knowing yourself better.  I must close now because this is now a buzy time gotta get my packing done for the bestest trip picking up Elfgirl my neice so we can head on up to OHIO for the big day..  ALSO I want to thank all the girls that know Debi an Tami, thank's you are great people hope to see you on the 20th, Suni



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