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Jill Leanne Lacey

" Work? Do you have any idea what working would do to my nails? Not happening!"

Holiday in the Dominican Republic

December 19th, 2017 8:11 am EST

Ever wish you could travel to somewhere tropical, lay out by the pool or on the beach en femme, without the worry of being harassed, etc? Well, you can. Although many foreign tropical nations are mega religious, there are still places you can go and relax and express your inner self.
No, I am not selling anything. I am simply telling you this because I am retired, and have been traveling some twenty plus years now. Good heavens!
This site does not have a travel section so I decided to start my own. I am sure many who would love to earn some tan lines abroad would appreciate any info they can get.
So, here is the first of many to come. If you have questions, email me and I will do my best to relay what I know to be true and accurate. I will only tell you about the places I travel to that I know are safe, well, safe as it can get.
Before I give you the first dream location, know this:

1. When traveling abroad, blend in. Do not go looking like Dolly and expect to blend.
2. Use a lot of common sense. Do not explore at night alone. If you drink, stay intelligent enough to know when to leave sober. Stay off the beaches at night. Do not accept invitations to an after hours gathering unless you know the people on a personal level. We do not like reading about you the next day.
3. Have fun exploring yourself and who you are inside.

Location Number One:

Sosua, Dominican Republic
2 bedroom villa, private pool, twenty minutes to airport, 55 steps to the ocean, LGBT friendly owners, walk to town, walk to restaurants. Monthly rental about $ 1,500.00 US dollars plus your flight. Yes you can stay for less time if you like


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