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"At peace"

Question for those whom transitioned....

July 4th, 2017 9:01 pm EDT

I gear this out you you,,,

for those transitionining or already  or already have transitioned...

You notice a man(or woman) from your past whom, you had a secret crush on, years before, 

now you meet him(or her) and the Lady(or her man) he(or she) is with is his(or her) wife(husband).  

He (or she) mistakes you for "a female relative of the person you were before,

unaware it is really you.  He(or she) hands you a business card with his (her)name and ways to reach him(her).  He(or she) asks you to pass it on to the "former self" to catch up on old times.   

Do you call him(or her), and set up a blind date,as you are today meeting him(or her) as the current self"


call him(or her), re-using your hidden voice in private and acceot an invite to catch up on old times"?


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  • Meran
    Re: Question for those whom transitioned.... Meran September 9th, 2017 4:26 am EDT

    I would meet up with her as my current self and disclose my new life to her.


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