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Jeri Leaf

"Had and absolutely fantabulous birthday!"

A Real Live Knight in Shining Armor

December 7th, 2016 3:10 pm EST

I have never been one to go in for the whole stars aligning thing.  I have met some incredible women in my life and a few of those encounters turned into great relationships of varying length.  Only twice have I had real electric reactions and true chemistry with someone and those turned into the longest two relationships I have had.


That taken into account I have recently learned that things happen when you least expect them and from sources that you may not anticipate or have planned for even in the slightest.  Last night is the most recent example of that for me…


I went out yesterday afternoon for no particular reason other than feeling motivated to take the time to dress nice before leaving.  I put on my favorite skinny jeans, a cute top with cold shoulder sleeves to show off my tattoos.  I brought it all together with a great pair of knee high boots with furry trim and a comfy fur coat that matches the boots perfectly.  No not real fur, I love animals too much.  I loved how I looked and felt very confident in my outfit.  


I stopped to see my girlfriends at a nice resale store.  I had a haircut with my favorite stylist and very good friend.  Then I went to the mall for some shopping.  So pretty much a normal afternoon and evening out.  Or so I thought…


While shopping in Macys I was walking across one of the central aisles and heading into the dress department.  As I was stepping from the tile floor of the aisle to the carpet of the dress displays I stuck a heel and fell!  


Now I have never fallen in heels.  Never once in several years.  I have ran across uneven pavement.  I have walked on ice.  I have danced really hard for hours on end.  Through all of that I have always kept my feet under me.  So I find it pretty funny that a quarter inch high piece of trim between two types of flooring got me.  The good news is I managed to catch myself on a dress display and avoid hitting the ground.  The bad news is I hurt my ankle and worse I ripped my jeans badly.  


At that moment only my clear thinking and confidence kept me from taking off my boots and running from the Macys.  I was that embarrassed.  Instead I went into the nearest dressing room and sat down in a cubicle to regroup and pull myself together.  My jeans were wrecked and I did not want to go back out in the store in them.  My ankle really hurt and I was very close to tears which meant my makeup was seconds away from meltdown.  I sat in that cubicle and just tried to breath for a few minutes.  At least I had some privacy and relative safety.  In moments like that it is so important to allow yourself to calm down and think before you act.


Once I got myself under control I took out my cell phone and called the Macys I was in.  I spoke to a nice lady named Janet and explained my situation.  She was very concerned for me and offered to send someone right away.  I love my local Macys more than I can explain!  That being said I expected them to send someone with an absolutely horrible pair of jeans in any size but mine.  At that moment I was so grateful that they were going to help me that I would have gladly paid full price for a pair of sweat pants.  I waited and snapped selfies while making silly faces to cheer myself up until I heard someone come down the fitting room hallway.  They stopped and knocked on my door.  I got up, composed myself as best I could and let them in.  When I saw who they sent my heart literally skipped a beat.


An incredibly tall man was waiting outside the door.  He had short dark hair.  Was dressed very well and had a warm smile.  Also he was absolutely gorgeous!  Really really realllllly gorgeous…did I mention he was gorgeous?


Considering I have never dated a man in my life and was firmly convinced I was arrow straight that is saying something.  Apparently I am not that straight.  If you had seen him you would understand that no one is that straight.  Yes, bisexuals network of America.  Sign me up!


The first thing he did was make sure I was ok.  He asked if I was hurt and I saw genuine concern in his face.  I managed to spit out enough words to assure him I was alright.  I explained what happened and he asked my jeans size.  I told him and he left to find a pair for me.  This was a good thing because I needed to sit down again for a brand new set of reasons.  I am extremely proud of the fact that while my mind was trying to process how I could possibly be that attracted to a man that not a moments concern for what others would think of me if I was gay even crossed my mind.  I could really care less.  Sparks are sparks and not only did I get hit full force with them.  I got the distinct feeling that he had too.


When he returned I was delighted to note that he had brought me my size as well as the size above and below just in case.  He also had managed to get me the exact same jeans I had torn.  So not only is he kind and extremely handsome but good at his job too.  I managed a little bit of class in thanking him and told him that he was literally my hero.  He gave me that dashing smile and left me to get changed.


After getting myself back together I went out to pay for my new jeans and got a chance to chat with him and the lady I had spoken to on the phone.  I asked them for their names so I could call Macys and get them the kudos they richly deserved for treating me so well.  He wrote them down for me.  When I looked at the paper later I not only found their names but also beneath his name was his phone number!  I had thought I would leave that store very embarrassed and wiping away tears.  Instead I left with a smile on my face that still has not gone away.


So after texting him and chatting a bit I have a date this weekend.  I am beyond excited and very convinced that even if things do not work out it is going to be a night to remember.  Knights in shining armor still exist.  They live not in their looks but in the kindness they show to others.  They are armed with compassion and empathy instead of swords and lances.  Their prowess is in words and friendly smiles rather than steel.


Not every girl gets to meet a real live Lancelot.  Luckily for me I can now check that off my list.





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  • Carie Anne Tomas
    Re: A Real Live Knight in Shining Armor Carie Anne Tomas December 8th, 2016 6:23 am EST Awesome Jeri!  Good luck on the date. Every cloud has a silver lining, and you may have just met yours. Huggs
  • Allison M.
    Re: A Real Live Knight in Shining Armor Allison M. December 14th, 2016 6:31 pm EST Such a sweet story, Jeri.  Everyone should have a gentleman such as him in their lives.
  • Gail Siobahn Bridges
    Re: A Real Live Knight in Shining Armor Gail Siobahn Bridges January 28th, 2017 4:56 pm EST So? What happened on the date?
  • bob
    Re: A Real Live Knight in Shining Armor bob February 18th, 2017 7:01 am EST

    Hope it goes well.


    We are out there looking for a princess :)


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