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Countdown to August

June 13th, 2018 9:42 am EDT

Well it will be four days until my mother is on her way to Colorado and I will be alone finally with time for myself Then I will pack up the house for the POD and leave for Colorado, traveling througth PA,OH, Indiana and IL and MO and KS and CO. Taking my time so if I can stop over if anyone wants company. In no rush to get CO for I will be on vacation. 

Well now my mother is out in New Mexico in her Senior Citizen Housing apartment, and I am still back here in NJ waiting for the closing date since it has been delayed.

Still looking for a place in Portland.

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Last Days in New Jersey

April 1st, 2018 7:26 pm EDT

Well these will be my last days in New Jersey, for I said we meaning my mother with Dementia and Alzheimers will have to selll the house in order to pay off a 15 yr old Home Equity Line of Credit that is comingn due this July. We wil be moving to the Southwest Corner of Colorado. Until further notice, I will driving across the country later this Summer. Well I am still here in NJ for the closing has be delayed for the Title Company wants two doctors to sign off on a affadvait saying that my mother has the wits of knowig what she is doing. How about getting a doctor and notary together. All the people I have spoken to say this is all bullshit for we have power of attorney. I am still here in an empty house and running out of money. I have been out of work for six years now. This has been really really tough on me and my brother for now my mother wants to come back east and die. Now that she is out there in Farmington at a vey nice Senior Living Complex. She calls every day telling me she wants to come back east and die. All along her life she wanted to live in Durango. And now that she is out there, she wants toc ome back east and die.

My Portland dream was really a pipedream for I got scammed off of Craiglist posting, then I ran into places telling me that they were booked up and have waiting lists up to 3 years. So I am going back to Durango where my brother reisides.

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