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Boston LGBT Latina History: Vicky

January 15th, 2009 2:53 pm EST

Vicky's modest so I'll go ahead and post this. The History Project tracks important events in LGBT History. They also have a section for important events in LGBT Latino/a History and Vicky gets several mentions...

1980: The Paradise gay bar in Cambridge initiates Boston's first Latino Night with popular disc jockey, Conrado Cardenas. The event soon moves to Chaps (*Note from Jon: it moved to Chaps in 1990) and is greatly amplified by empresario Alvaro Ortiz, discover and promoter of Vicky. Latino night becomes a significant AIDS education vehicle for latino gay men.

1994: World’s First Lesbian and Gay Latino Theater series, Spic Out: Latino Lesbian and Gay Theater, produced by Abe Rybeck and the Theater Offensive, brings a new queer Latino performance scene to Boston. Plays and performances written by Beto Araiza, Carmelita Tropicana, Enrique Oliver, Senel Paz, Marga Gomez, Paul Bonin-Rodriguez are featured. *Note from Jon: Enrique Oliver's Play was Castro's Child, in which Vicky played the Alter Ego of a Cuban Exile living in Boston.

1996: WGBH's La Plaza presents Boston, Wednesday night… The Night That I Met Vicky. Wednesday nights are when Boston’s Latino gay and lesbian community comes together at a disco known as Chaps. This show interviews Vicky and others about Latino night at Chaps.

1998: Vicky, Boston’s most recognized Latino drag performer produces the first Miss Gay Latina Bombshell contest. It is held at the Jorgé Hernandez Community Center at Villa Victoria in the South End, making it the first Latino gay sponsored event at the Center. Contestants include Boston's Avian Waters, Coco Lopez, and Amanda.

1998: Vicky sponsors a party at Buddies that coincides with the 100th anniversary of the invasion of Puerto Rico by the US on August 25, 1898.

For the full Latino/a History Timeline:


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