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January 7th, 2019 1:09 pm EST

being a cross dresser is made me feel more my self and happy, more energy and less depression and panic attacks. when not wearing something female i am depressed no enrgy,less out going,no energy,just want to hide and not see any one. when dressed up i am more out going understanding person to every one that i would meet. i know allot of friends here and on other sites and i feel thier pain, i know what they are going though. we are all normal people in life but we all have another side of us that we found out we have and like to share it with others but socitey is a difficult, woman have it easy with clothing and make up. styles, color, fabirc, smell of perfume, colors of make up, ear rings of all kinds, men have very little to choose from. i love dressing up as a female for lots of reasons, 1- it feels great and fits better, better style of clothing, smell of perfume,  2- makes me feel more human and happy for i should of been a girl when born, also lets the feminine side out when she wants to come out and show the world in a sence, besides wife in which she knows but will not under stand the x dressing.    society needs to wake up and except the transgender world.   it could be your mail man, co worker, Dr, neighbor, friend,  woman wear male clothing all the time, so why can;t us men wear female cloths?? 

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trapped between 2 bodies

December 5th, 2018 5:50 am EST

who iam I? i am male and female male, caught between 2 bodies. when i dress up its like a switch off with male mode and dressing like a woman with out no trouble or fear. feeling the sensation of female cloths being put on like its normal, putting on make up, perfume, ear rings ,necklace ,heels,lip stick, nylons, bra and panties is pretty much normal for me to dress up with out having my male side tell my brain this is wrong. when all done i look and feel like a woman and feel great about my female side is more out now then in, i under dress allot in winter time keeps me warmer when out doors and feels great to wear,feeling the dress slide agaist my body is amazing feeling, nylons give me a leg message and bra is a great feeling around the shoulders and around the back. the sound of heels clicking on floor is a total great hearing sound as i walk, i sound like a woman walking on floor.   wife knows of my fem side, will not help with make up or see me evn tho she does allot of, she is getting better at me dressing up, she knows when i am dressing up and i walk around the house dressed up, but not in same room as her yet, if i do she does not pay attention to me but i know she does look and see how pretty i am and will not say that to me.                i buy my own female attire in stores and on line, have more dresses, perfume amke up,nylons,bras, panties and even pads then she does. i seem to wear female cloths more then any real woman does now days. woman wear pants and shirt and sneakers. i wear dresses and all that. being a closet x dresser is amazing feeling but when you cant share it with your wife or G.F its not, cant site and talk about girly things and how i feel dressed up,, well thats about it for know.

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my fem side

November 30th, 2018 5:51 am EST

started with a pair of tights in a school play, i was hooked. later in years i wanted to go further in x dressing, i loved the way i looked in a dress and make up. now 56 years old and married, wife knows, i dress up when no children are around, i ahve more female cloths then wife does and make up. i love dressing up and feeling the silky or satin cloths and colorful dresses, feel the wind blow tho the nylon legs, walk in heels,   ride motor cycle allot in summer time, go to my county land in war saw in summer to get new home ready to be built, tearing down the old place that my mom and dad left to me for they passed away in 2013, 68 days apart from each other. having new home for them to move in and mwife and my self. 7 acres of land and peace and quite.  getting better at putting on make up but still learning to aply just right. when i dress up its a normal thing for me to dress up, just like a normal female would dress up, but we dont see real woman dress up like back in the 60s or 70s. now its pants and shirt and sneakers deal for woman, that looks like manly cloths. so why cant us men that like to dress up as females feel the same, we are not hurting no one just showing our fem side and some of us look very pretty and passable as a female. well thats just about it. a short story on how i started and about me on what i like to do.

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