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Helen Dearborn

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Under it all 2

July 4th, 2018 1:10 pm EDT

Ah yes those much adored wisps of barely there that are the foundation of what makes us feel so Fem.So many styles so many fabrics so many colors our head starts to spin when we are faced with such an exciting selection.Just having a favorite pair on when we cant be totally dressed can make one giddy.

And for guys?

Boxers or briefs cotton burlap sandpaper...small wonder then the allure of girly underthings is so inticing.

I think the "boys" deserve a little silken coddle...

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Under it all prt.1

July 3rd, 2018 7:40 pm EDT

I Think I have worked past the terror of the blank page and am ready to begin a journal.

No more excuses like,I need to sharpen my pencil or,the cat wants out or maybe just a tad more wine.Now howevr I have to find a subject.Let me see maybe I will begin at the beginning and unless I miss my guess this is probably where most of us started.


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Evening Stroll

June 26th, 2018 8:28 pm EDT

 So things finally quieted down.The day has faded into a lovely June twilight.I slip out the door for a stroll down the driveway.My heels tap softly on the hard surface rhythmically in time with the sway of my hips,never hurts to practice the walk.Clad in a sleevless satin blouse I cross my arms over my chest hugging myself to ward off the slight chill.An unseen bird calls from the dusk,friendly soothing the soft night breeze plays idly with my hair brushing gently over my shoulders.Playfully the wind swirls and tugs at my long chiffon skirt as if trying to lift it with an impish hand .The sensuous fabric flits around my freshly shaven silky legs raising goose bumps of this is bliss sisters.

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