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Diana Renee

"We would like to meet up with the VA ladies"

In the Past I asked Why...Today I say Why Not!

July 23rd, 2016 3:50 am EDT

I imagine I am not the only one who questioned all of this. Why these feelings and desires? I felt so much guilt and thought I had some disorder. I tried many times to swear off thinking about what was deep inside me only to find myself depressed and often unpleasant to be around. Eventually I realized I had to do something and started counseling and my world began to change. What I once thought was a curse and something I needed to vanquish chnaged into something I needed to embrace and let surface. Eventually I went from hiding behind closed doors to venturing out and finding others like me. No longer did I let the feelings of guilt rule my life and my outlook changed so dramatically. I started HRT and began to focus on letting the person that had been hidden so deep down out. There have been a few down points along the way but nothing like in the past. I have so much cacthing up to do but I have never felt more positive of my direction.

I titled this I use to ask why...Now I say why not, but actually that was the love of my life who looked at me one day and said Why not Diana? I truly tthink that was the most game changing moment in my life so far!


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