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Lauren Misty Falls

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Genes may come and genes may go

October 18th, 2016 8:13 pm EDT

Through The Wormhole, episode 61   (9/13/16) Are there just two sexes? science channel

The basics are, we have 46 chromosomes, 23 from mom and 23 from deer old dad. There is a gene on the Y chromosome caled SRY, it is the main sex determining gene for a male. If the SRY gene does not work, a genetic male can grow up to look completely female. She will not have periods or be able to conceive. And will not know she is genetically a boy until she consults a doctor about these problems. This can happen because of a "point mutation" where the gene is "off for the rest the show" and another gene is sent in to the genetic dance. Or maybe the gene will reverse itself on the chromosome as does happen with genes on occasion. Or EPi genetic material might affect it, by suppressing its expression. If this does not happen we get a second chance to became female. Thats because the SRY gene gives up maintenance of maleness to the DMRT1 gene. This gene makes sure we stay on the male path. But, for the same reasons as above in the SRY, the DMRT1 gene might not work. So here comes another gene called, appropriately, the FOXL2 gene. Which can start making female cells in the gonads and thus we end up with ovaries and femaleness again. So many ways to become a girl. But wait, there is more. In a village in the Dominican Republic, girls turn into boys at puberty. Apparently they can not make DHT until then. Dihydrotestosterone is 100 times more powerful then just plain old tetosterone. The program also mentioned that in the future we may use this knowledge to help people become the sex their gender tells them they are. We could splice in the FOXL2 gene where the SRY gene normally likes to hang out.The program also mentioned that on the cellular level our bodies are constantly trying to change our sex (yeah), they did not get into why this was happening. The program also mentioned that 1 in 300 are trans and if i did the math right, it works out to about 23 million trans in the world. We should all chip in and buy a country of our own. what do you think ??? This program should repeat at some point or you can catch  it on netflix or hulu. All spelling, grammar and punctuation errors are blamed on the cat walking on the keyboard . Sorry daisy 



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  • Lynne Love
    Re: Genes may come and genes may go Lynne Love October 19th, 2016 1:23 am EDT very interesting what a great idea xoxoxo

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