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Luscious Lisa Lips

" Lacivious, luscious, lesbian, lean, loveable, Lisa will be back out of the closet in June, after a year of recovery from a minor stroke May, 2013. The recovery is 98% complete with only handwriting and tall ladders remaining issues. So very many of you gurls have been absolutely wonderful with your support and notes and letters, for which I cannot thank you enough. Althouth I am one of the more senioress ladies here, everything is fine, including the walk in closet wardrobe of close to 500 pieces of feminine apparel. As a retired retailer in the apparel industry, I have been involved with all aspects of it. Stop by and say Hello, just don't be another phoney, fraud, fake nor a Man----NO men are in Lisa's life, as she is a pure lesbian..... Update your status..."




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September 2nd, 2013 12:01 pm EDT

Luscious Lisa Lips
September updating is here:
"Lisa has an update for those whom would entertain the idea of relocating and living in a home here in SW Florida for a LTR being just for us gurls (TVs, CDs,GGs or TGs). Regardless of age (since I am an elderly senioress) (and still functioning well) and since I have to still have time for some more creating life with Lisa. My thoughts are towards the early Fall when two of us two could be together as gurls; without any other criteria other than compatibility, honesty, integrity, helpfulness, kindness, cheerful and we could share the total costs of renting a large home for a year or more. Very nice ones can be had in the Bonita Springs, Naples or Fort Myers area for less than a grand per month. Due the math and you can figure out a ballpark idea of costs. Each would of course purchase anything personal like food, apparel, etc. No Men need apply......but a GG would also be welcome in this scenario as well.


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