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Katie Young

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Working with the Working Girls

March 18th, 2013 7:39 am EDT

This is a slightly shortened version from my own personal blog from my website. You can find it (and other entries) on my website.

Last year I wrote about my minor good fortune for winning a lot of free drinks during Tim Hortons’ Roll Up the Rim to Win promotional contest. As promised, I gave away most of my winnings to homeless people that I met on the streets of downtown Toronto...except for 3 that I wasn’t able to give away in time before the promotion ended. No such luck this year; in fact this has been the worse year for winning anything.

I do consider myself very blessed this year, not because of anything that I have won or gained, but for what I had been able to give away. It surprising how big a 600-foot condo feels when it’s not cluttered with useless stuff. There are still many things at home that are almost useless to me, but could make someone else’s life much more pleasant. Another thing that has made me feel very blessed is that I have the stamina and health to join a Christian group for their late-night outreach program to sex workers in Toronto. On Friday nights, I’d roam around with a bunch of other women to areas of the downtown where sex workers cluster. And one of the areas that we go to is called “Trannytown.” As the name suggests, that’s where the transgender working girls do their business. Most of the women I work with don’t have any contact with other transgender people aside from this outreach, so they don’t know much about transgender. Although most of them are quite jealous of the t-girls because they are all tall and leggy. Almost all the volunteers that I work with know that I’m trans, but most have never seen me as a woman before. To them, I’m just a less-than-masculine young man. Sometimes I wish my fellow (no pun intended) volunteers would discuss with me more about transgender issues, but I suspect that being a fairly-well-adjusted trans-woman like myself is very different from one whose livelihood is based on servicing men with oral and anal sex.

I remember the very first night that I joined the outreach, the volunteers were chatting with a trans-woman named L.  As we talked—L was very talkative, as was our volunteer coordinator—a man drove his white minivan around us 6 times.  Each time he drove by, the interval was shorter, and the last two times that I saw him before moving to another girl, I could see though the window that he did not appreciate us being there.  I thought he was going to run us over.

Please pray for me as I continue with this work. The evil and suffering that I see and hear about are not for the faint of heart. But I’ll continue to reach out to the girls on the street because, well, that’s where Jesus would have been.


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