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Finally went out

March 24th, 2018 10:08 am EDT

My 41 year old niece from Indiana came to visit.  She knows about the Linda side of me and wants me as Linda, as much as is possible, the entire week she will be here.  I had planned a whirlwind sightseeing trip for her.  She convinced me that the entire first day would be as Aunt Linda.  We left my house and drove to the Kelso Depot museum.  Hardest thing I have done was simply open the door of the car and step out.  Step out I did.  Acted like I belonged and just walked with her.  I had told my niece that if I was going to be wearing a dress, she must also.  So, as two ladies, we walked down the front of the museum and enjoyed the sights of this old place.  There were a few people there, but - so what.  Before we left, I had to go and used the ladies room to relieve myself.  

From there, I drove to Las Vegas, but made a stop to fill the car with fuel.  Of course, people looked,, but I told myself that they just were looking at my new Corvette with vertical opening doors, not 6 ft. tall me in a dress.  I even took the time to clean the windshield.  It was delightful to feel the breeze ruffle the hem of my skirt.  From there we drove into Las Vegas.  Mission was to see and get a picture of her in front of that famous Las Vegas sign.  Of course, there were tons of folks here.  We just acted like the average tourist, waited in the line and got er picture andn strolled back to my car.  No one was looking at me, even the fake Elvis was checking out the car.  Totally enjoying the delight of actually being out as Linda, I left the door up as I freshened my lipstick before we drove on the the Hoover Dam.  Parked the car and then walked over and back.  My chort heels were clacking on the sidewalk and the wind was billowingmy dress, but the same was happening to all the other women there, so we just enjoyed the sights of the place and after what seemed like forever, but in reality over an hour, we went back to the car.

I have finally succeeded in my worst fears.  And I won!  Linda went for a walk, in the day, in a crowd!


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  • Lynne Love
    Re: Finally went out Lynne Love March 26th, 2018 5:58 am EDT GOOD for you dear hope you have many more days as a lovely lady in the future xoxoxoox

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