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Melanie Bowman

"Wishing that all that very special Ladies will have a very blessed 2019 and be the very best ladies they can be. "

Journal Entries for Melanie Bowman

What URNA Means To Me

January 6th, 2016 11:01 pm EST

Well what URNA Means to me Well I just happened to stumble across this site in 2005 where I was in the closet for a little over a year then finally put up a picture of the male me and and started to make some contacts and a girl named Brenda helped me to get in touch with a lady named Jo Ann who helped wy dream to come true and have a makeover and finally was able to see the real Melanie for the first time and able to go out afterward for the first time ever. So it were not for this site I would probably still be in a closet and not have made so many great friends. 


First Day out

March 31st, 2008 9:20 pm EDT

Hi girls

Just wanted to let you know that Melanie was able to get out in the day for the first time. The day started when I left my place at 5 am and headed up to Sacramento to be with my friend CC. It took me about 2 hours to get up there at around 7 am and I stoped to have breckfast. after thart I peoceded to go to the motel 6 where I was to meet CC I got lost on the way there but after some time fianly noticed the motel after driving by it several times arrivng just before CC did. when we both got there we were in guy mode but then got a room wherte we peoceeded to get in to girl mode. CC was a great help getting me ready She gave me some makeup tips so that I would look more like Melanie. After that we proceeded to head out we took some picturers in the parking lot before we headed out. we ent to a mall that CC likes to go to and we met Melissa who is a real Girl and was willing to give a few pointers and tuchups with my make up. She was great she did hot care that I was a CD she just wanred to help me look my best. We also me anouther of CC friends she was great also. Then we proceeded to go out in to the Mall and take some Pictures. After that we got back in the car and heded out to a park close by we were going to takle some more pictures but we did not see any good places to take them that did not require  going down a steep hill which I did not think was safe.So I decided that I had had enough for onre day being that it was my first time out in the day. I wopuld just like to say it was great being with CC for few Hours I hope to do it again some time soon.

Huggs Melanie


Makeover and first Nite out

November 20th, 2007 4:45 pm EST

As to my trip up to I luv it Girl well first of all It was a dream come true I have wanted to do some thing like this for a long time but I did not know of any one close enough to help me out all the places were either on the other side of the country or on the other side of the world. Then I found out about Jo-An and said good now I can go and get a makeover. Now to Saturday I got up early in antispation of my trip up I was very exiceted to say the lesat. I got up there early Had some lunch then headed over to I luv it But got lost once I got off if the feeway headed down Warm springs Blvd but went way to far because nothing was Fanilar to me and ended up driving around for about 1/2 hour then finally found my way over there after I called Jo-An. When I finally got there I was 1/2 hour late at 1:30. Jo-An said that she needed to be at a drag show at 3:00 so she showed me around then I got dressed. Then she started to make me up and she said you are going with me to the show I thought for a moment the said yes. After making me up she found the right Hair for me. Then I turned and looked in the miorror and was stunned at how good I looked. Then we headed out to the drag show I was nervous to say the least this was the First time I had ever been out dressed the show was very good and the more time that I spent there the more comfertable I felt being out dressed. The people there were very friendly and nice some of the people there were even giving me advice on ways to act like a girl. we took some pictures at the show and heded back to I luv it where we took more pictures and then I got out of girl mode while Jo-An got the pictures ready for all to see. Then I headed home. This was a great day in my life.

                                        Melanie B

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