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Diana Cherise Winslow

"says "I'm happy being me!""

Dear Diary...

August 28th, 2016 1:55 pm EDT

I have returned to URNA.  Will keep Flickr for now just to hold images/videos.   I have become more withdrawn in some ways...scared maybe.  But I am evolving inside and out a lot more.  Many have say I have mastered my feminine voice.  My shoulders and arms are a bit slimmer.  Still at 169# but I am working on it again.  Lowest I got was 155 and it really made everything in my closet fit a lot better. 

Still wanting to try seeing a therapist but the fear of medical records is real.  I enjoy not being on a radar screen.  I suspect I could be cleared for hormones in little time if only I step ahead.  I know it would help my sanity, among so many other things. 

I will punch in a mix of history and current events as I train myself to revisit here., and connect again.  It lonely so much of the time.  Oh, I have family and such, its just only few get to see and enjoy me as a woman. 

To any who visit me here, thank you for dropping me a note.  I will respond to Yahoo mail in a timely fashion.




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